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RxTest - How to test the Observable

RxTest – How to test the Observable in Swift

Few articles earlier I showed you how you can wrap presentation of UIAlertController with the Observable. Despite there weren’t any tests in the sample project, I’ve written the whole sample in TDD. I didn’t upload test files for the…


Write snapshot tests!

Today’s topic is not connected with RxSwift at all. Recently, I’ve started using an awesome library so I decided to write an article about it, because it’s worth to mention. Don’t worry, I will come back with reactive stuff…

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I can be whatever you want – Mocks and stubs

Probably when you read some articles about unit tests you can find a sentence like „Keep the unit small” or „For such reason there is a unit word before in „unit test” phrase ” But… what does it mean?…

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Choose your unit test tool! – Specta

W hat I love in my job is a community of people with common interests. Our society really likes to share with knowledge which we have learned. That is awesome! Thanks to it we can constantly increase a quality…


Are unit tests worth an effort on iOS?

Nowadays I have such feeling that iOS developers, and in general speaking mobile programmers, don’t write unit tests of any kind. When I asked few of them „why?” they answered: „Because it is time-consuming” „I don’t know where to…