The learning materials list for RxSwift

Reactive programming is awesome and really makes complex I/O stuff simple. However, FRP is totally different approach how you look at the events and programming. Such a change in thinking requires good quality materials which can make the learning process simpler and quicker. Here’s the list of materials which I’ve read and I’ve found them useful. The list is sorted in an order I would like to read it 😉

#1 – I create iOS apps – is RxSwift for me?

I think this talk is a great start for the RxSwift journey. Marin Todorov talks about RxSwift at "try! Swift NYC". The presentation covers basic usage of Reactive extension and how can it helps you in the daily development.

#2 – "RxSwift by Examples" series

This is the second place I would like to learn from. The series says a lot about Observables, beginning with the basic operators, binding the model and the UI and ending with schedulers. I’ve found this series very useful because it is well split into smaller chapters. What’s more, the Author lives in the same city as I do 😄. I really encourage you to read it.

#3 – The introduction to Reactive Programming you’ve been missing

On the third place, I put the article which is not only for iOS developers. The article describes how to use Rx extension and how to start thinking in the reactive way. Samples are written in RxJS, but I don’t think it is a problem at all. I really recommend it if you’ve already known the basics of RxSwift from previous 2 recommendations.

#4 – RxSwift Primer series

This is the another awesome series about RxSiwft. The author writes what RxSwift can offer you and how it can improve writing iOS apps. He also covers basics operators, ‘Driver’ unit, how to get rid of state and unit-tests. I really like the series! :)

#5 – YOW! 2012: Jafar Husain – Rx and Netflix, A Match Made in Composable Asynchrony

I really like how Jafar talks about Rx. Learning Rx is the hardest thing here and knowing how Netflix successfully uses Rx is very motivating and inspiring. PS When Erik Meijer comes in, the talk starts to be very "technical". 😛

#6 – RxSwift for dummies series

The article series which covers what are the observables, how to use basic operators, schedulers, and subjects. There are some topics which haven’t been described in previous articles.

#7 – ReactiveCocoa vs RxSwift – pros and cons?

When you get know the basics of RxSwift (or ReactiveSwift) you’ll start asking what is the difference between RxSwift and ReactiveSwift. This stactoverflow’s post describes the differences between these 2 frameworks.

#8 – The best FRP iOS resources

It is not an article, but a list of articles recommended by the community members. For sure, it is worth to look at it.

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